Annette Faamausili sleep consultant

Annette's story

Trained and qualified in the NHS, UK, Annette is a highly experienced baby and child sleep consultant based in Auckland who has been helping families both in NZ and the UK since 1999. Her unique qualities and expertise have bought her immense success. 

Sleep packages

Choose a package to suit your needs. Packages range from one off phone chats to in depth home consultations.

The Dummy Tree

Inspired by the amazing dummy tree in Copenhagen, Denmark, Annette wanted to create a similar, unique and magical way for children to ditch their dummies here in Auckland. 

Coffee Group

Why not gather your coffee group friends in the comfort of your own home and share the cost between you. Each session lasts approximately 90 mins - 2 hours and you'll also get the chance to browse and purchase the latest sleep products too. 

"Can't recommend Annette enough! In just two weeks wev'e gone from a baby waking every hour at night to sleeping through from 7pm till 6am. Her method is gentle, simple and so effective and we've been blown away by the transformation and level of support." Katherine Lonsdale- Cooper - Auckland.

"Annette is truly amazing! I've used other sleep consultants before and she is hands down the nicest, warmest and most professional of all. She really knows about babies and toddlers and took such a wonderfulo holistic approach to our issues and looking at our family's routine. I cannot thank or recommend Annette enough." Angela walker - Auckland. 

"I cannot believe I waited so long to contact Annette. I can finally put my 14 month old to sleep in her cor and not have to hold her all night long. Annette gave me the confidence and the right tools to get my daughter sleeping better. I could not recommend her enough." Alice Ryder -Dairy Flat. 

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