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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your sleep plans involve ‘cry it out’ methods?

No, definitely not. I do not advocate leaving babies to ‘cry it out’, that is, leaving a baby to cry unattended without reassurance or physical contact for prolonged periods of time. This only adds unnecessary stress to both mother and baby. My methods focus on what the underlying factors are, then gradually reducing dependency using a ‘weaning off’ process. Some babies may resist the changes, but they will be introduced gently with you close by and providing physical contact.

What if my baby gets sick during the 4-week follow-up period?

If, for whatever reason, your baby becomes unwell, I will put your follow-up period on hold until your baby is better.

What if I need more support once I’ve used up my follow-up calls?

Additional follow-up support can be added to your existing sleep package.

How long will it take before I see results?

In most cases, expect to see key behavioural changes after just 3-4 days with significant progress after 10 days. I always make contact with families on day three of their new sleep journey to ensure positive changes are happening, and tweak if required.

Why 4 weeks of follow-up support?

I've been a children's sleep consultant for over 20 years and know that during those 4 weeks you will embark on the biggest sleep journey ever. Having this level of support makes all the difference. Here's why:

Days 1–3: Subtle changes start to happen

Days 4–7: Your baby shows significant improvement

Days 8–12: Your confidence levels rise and things slot into place

Days 13–18: Sleep regression sets in and throws you off track

Days 19–24: All is good again and you're back on track

Days 24 +: Your baby has significantly improved, and you feel confident and equipped with all the tools to go it alone.

Is it best if my partner is present during the consultation too?

YES! It is very helpful if you are both present as this is not only a time for reflection but the perfect opportunity to ask questions and support each other. Two sets of eyes and ears are a bonus when you’re both feeling tired.

Why do you not work with babies under 12 weeks of age?

The 4th trimester is a time for babies to bond, establish appropriate feeding patterns, become accustomed to their new environment and get to know their caregivers. Babies over 12 weeks generally respond very well to sleep cues and rituals and are more likely to be receptive to change.

Do you give feeding advice?

Yes. As part of your consultation your child’s feeding pattern (solids, breast, formula etc.) will be discussed and assessed and advice given accordingly.

We’re grandparents raising our grandchildren. We feel a bit out of practice! Do you help people like us?

A definite yes! I have a wide circle of clients including grandparents like you, single parents, and same sex couples. I work with everyone - sleep problems are universal!

I would prefer the home consultation option. Do I need to prepare for it?

No, you don’t, apart from completing the questionnaire in advance. From my perspective and for the assessment, it’s best if I visit on what for you is a normal day. If your baby is crying and there are interruptions, that’s how it is and important for me to experience. And don’t tidy up or stress, please. My aim is to reduce your stress, not add to it!

My sister is so stressed because her baby won’t sleep. Can I gift her some sessions with you?

Yes, definitely.  You can purchase a Gift Voucher from the online shop and select the amount you wish to spend.  The recipient can use the Gift Voucher on any sleep package or to purchase an item from my online shop.  Please contact me if you’d like some guidance.