The Dummy Tree

A truly magical and effective way to ditch your child’s dummy. 

Inspired by the amazing Dummy Tree in Copenhagen, Denmark, Annette wanted to create a similar, unique and magical way for children to ditch their dummies here in New Zealand.

Although dummies can provide enormous comfort to unsettled babies during the first few months of life, prolonged dummy usage can often be detrimental to dental health and speech development. 

With a background in child development and psychology, Annette knew the experience needed to be one that children would be able to relate to, take ownership of and leave feeling ready to carry on life without their dummy.

Each child gets to tie his or her dummy to a chosen piece of ribbon, hang it on a branch and retrieve a beautiful hand crafted gift in return. 

The gift acts as a replacement for their dummy making the experience meaningful and permenant. 



(Suitable from 2 years+)

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I couldn’t believe how easily my 3 year old gave it up, he hasn’t asked for his dummy since and loves talking about the tree and fairies. 

My daughter loves her special gift and takes it to bed with her every night. Thank you for making the transition so easy and stress-free.

Such a cute idea, loved the special hidden door and gift and can’t believe my 4 year old hasn’t asked for her dummy.