Coffee Group Session

The best way to host an informative & social event for your coffee group friends and at the same time gain the best sleep tips and advice you'll ever need to know.

Let me come to you and create a personal, friendly and interactive sleep session with handouts, age specific sleep tips & advice and a selection of my favourite sleep products to browse and purchase. 

Each session lasts approx 90 mins and daytime and evening sessions are available.

 $25 per person ( minimum 8 persons per session)

*payment due on day of session.


 Here are some examples of age specific topics covered: 


New born sleep 0-12 weeks

  • What to expect
  • Swaddling and white noise
  • Day naps,awake times, feeds and routines
  • Play time / stimulation
  • Bedtime routines
  • Gentle settling techniques

4-6 months +

  • Day naps and schedules
  • 3-2 day nap transition
  • Positive sleep associations / gentle settling techniques
  • Swaddle to sleep sack transition
  • Comfort blankets/toys
  • 4 month Sleep regression 
  • Introduction of solids
  • Teething- what to expect

Toddler sleep 12 months +

  • Transition from 2-1 naps
  • Sleep regression- what to expect
  • When to move from cot to bed
  • Meal times and milk intake- what to expect
  • Teething and molars 
  • Bedtime rituals and positive sleep associations
  • Early rising

Pre-school sleep 2 years +

  • Dropping the day sleep when and how?
  • Transition from cot to bed
  • Night terrors
  • Early rising
  • Bedtime tantrums/ behavioural changes
  • Reward charts and positive reinforcements