Your Coffee Group - More of a lifeline than you think

29 May 2017

Your Coffee Group - More of a Lifeline Than You Think


There are so many ups and downs in parenthood, that having a supportive network of friends is vital as a Mum. Parenthood can be a lonely journey, and an uncertain one. That’s why your coffee group can be such a lifeline. A supportive network of Mums whose children are all at the same stage.



Parenting can be hugely lonely and isolating. The baby blues are a very real thing, and not just when your child is very young. No one can understand how hard parenting can be unless they have been a parent themselves. And when we are in the thick of a tough stage, it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed and under supported.

That is where your coffee group comes in. A group of parents, whose children are all at the same stage as yours. They too are battling latching when you are, they too are struggling to overcome the misery of sleep deprivation,and they too are trying to transition to a big kids bed.

Share your worries and concerns with the other Mums in your group. I guarantee that they will be experiencing the same, or similar issues. It can be very therapeutic to know that you are not the only one going through those stages.


Getting Out

It can be so tempting to hide inside the house in your jarmies all day. To have cornflakes and avocado for lunch because you haven’t made it to the supermarket in a week, and those are the only two edible things in the house apart from pureed pumpkin.

But the simple act of having a shower, getting dressed, and getting out of the house to meet your coffee group can give purpose to your day. Making a commitment to meet up, and sticking to it will do you the world of good. Not only do you get to have an adult conversation, but you get a change of scenery, and to do something normal like having coffee with friends. It can completely shift your mindset to a better place.

If you get bored of meeting at the same place, then change it up. Take a turn hosting the coffee group at each of your houses, go to a local coffee shop, have a picnic at your local park, go to a local music group together, hit a Mums and Bubs exercise class, or collect sea shells on the beach. Just get out and about, you and your kids will love it!


Go Online As Well As Offline

While it is really important to meet up with your coffee group in person, you can provide support in between times online. Set up a private Facebook group for the members of your coffee group so that you can celebrate wins,share your misery and seek advice in the less social hours.

Not only do you get to post questions or comments at all hours of the day or night, it can be a really good way to ask the tricky questions that you might be too shy to ask in person. Got a subject to tackle that might be awkward to discuss in a cafe? A safe and secure online environment is perfect for combatting that. Make a no-negativity policy to foster a supportive environment.


Call In The Experts to Your Coffee Group

If there is something that a few of you are struggling with? Then why not book some time with an expert. I offer fun interactive informal sessions that are tailored to your baby's specific ages and stages and the best part is I come to you. If you have older babies that are particularly busy and on the go, why not host an evening session instead to minimise distractions and have a night off with your friends.

Sometimes it can be so hard to know if what your child is doing is ‘normal’, or if it is something to worry about. Having those discussions among a group session can be hugely beneficial especially as all your babies will be at similar stages.