Sleep regression success story

1 March 2016

Sleep regression success story

What a difference Annette has made to our lives!!! We finally have our nights back to ourselves again.

 Our 8 month old (who was previously sleeping through the night) decided to start waking continuously ( 5-6 times) and would only breast feed to sleep.

Very frustrating for me poor old mum who felt like she was attached to me 24/7. The problem started to get worse and even her naps got shorter and shorter. It was getting so bad that my husband and I slept in different rooms so I didn't wake him up. I called Annette out of pure sleep deprivation/desperation and asked her to help. I can say that within 1 day of Annette's help my little one slept through for the first time in a month. I was preparing myself for a couple of horror nights but Annette's gentle yet consistent approach proved me wrong. By day 2 my baby self-soothed to sleep and I couldn't believe it!

Not only is she sleeping better but her mood has changed completely to a very happy cheeky bubba. Annette's knowledge and compassion was so well received. I would recommend her to anyone. The only question I now have is why didn't I do it sooner?? Annette, you are one amazing lady and I literally can't thank you enough xxx